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April 23: Brown Bag Lunch Series - Dr. Ellen Donnelly (Sociology and Criminal Justice)

12:30-1:30pm - Purnell Hall, Room 116

"Uncovering the Legal and Extralegal Sources of Racial Disparity in the Delaware Justice System"

Reducing racial disparity in criminal processing is a priority in the Delaware justice system. Neighborhood conditions may have important, yet underexplored influences on sentencing decisions. This study evaluates whether social conditions in areas where defendants live and where they offend affect racial differences in sentencing.  Doing so allows us to estimate whether sentencing disparities are differentially affected by neighborhood type. Findings underscore the roles of advantage/disadvantage in neighborhoods on sentencing disparities beyond variation in a case's legal circumstances and a defendant's criminal history. This work is supported by the Delaware State Administrative Office of Courts.

Please click here to see the event flyer.



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